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Iowa Bank has been granted personal trust powers. We are able to help in the administration of your fiduciary needs. As a fiduciary, we are responsible for the custody or administration, or both, of property belonging to another.

Administration consists of the management of a decedent's estate, including the gathering and safeguarding of assets, the payment of expenses, debts and charges, the payment or delivery of bequests and the rendition of an account.

The following is the fiduciary capacities we have been granted the power to administer:

Executor (Executrix): A person named in a will as the fiduciary who is to take charge of the decedent's estate to administer and disperse of the decedent's property as directed in the will.
Administrator: A fiduciary appointed by the probate court to administer the estate of someone who dies without a will (intestate decedent).
Trustee: The fiduciary nominated by the maker of the will (testator) or person who makes a transfer into an intervivos trust (settlor) or someone appointed by the court to administer the trust's property.
Conservator: A person appointed by the court to have custody and control of the property of a ward.
Custodian: One who has the guarding or safekeeping (custody) or care of something.
Guardian: An individual or trust company appointed by a court to manage the financial affairs of a minor or other incompetent individual.
Alternate Executor, Trustee, Administrator, Custodian, or Guardian: Someone named second-in-line to handle these duties if for any reason the first-named person does not so act.

We will work closely with you, your family and your attorney in handling these needs.

For more information contact Eric Newton or Lisa Schiffer.
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